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Smash Plastic


SMASH! Plastic™ ist eine klare flüssige Polyurethan-Kunststoff, der auch als Glas gebrochen werden kann. Das Harz kann in Platten von wenigen Millimetern Dicke gegossen werden. Es wird wie bei einem Glasfenster , aber ohne die Verletzungsgefahr, brechen.
Rotationsformen ermöglicht es hohle Formen wie Flaschen und dergleichen zu gießen. Diese können als zerbrechliche Requisiten genutzt werden. Das Harz ist sehr UV-stabil. Intensive und lebendige Farben können durch Zugabe von verschiedenen Pigmenten erreicht werden.

Technical bulletin Smash Plastic

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Smash Plastic

  • SMASH! Plastic™ /7kg

    Shore D58 | Entformzeit: 2H

    401,32 EUR


Selecting A Mold Rubber - Casting into a silicone mold made with Smooth-On Mold Max™ Silicone or Mold Star™ 15, 16 or 30 platinum cured silicone (not Mold Star™ 20T) is recommended. Do not use other silicone products. If you are unsure about surface compatibility, a trial casting should be made. To prevent cure inhibition, post-cure newly made Mold Max™ silicones for 8 hours at 60°C and let cool prior to casting resin.

Measuring - Materials should be stored and used in a warm environment 23°C. This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. The proper mixing ratio is 100A:100B by weight or volume.

Mixing - Dispense equal amounts of Parts A and B into a mixing container and mix thoroughly for 90 seconds, making sure you scrape the sides and bottom of the container several times. If coloring or adding filler, add filler or tint to Part B and pre-mix thoroughly before adding Part A.

If vacuum degassing prior to pouring, subject mixture to 29 h.i.g. mercury in a suitable vacuum chamber for 2 - 3 minutes or until mixture rises, breaks and falls. Allow for 3 to 4 times volume expansion in mixing container. Do not vacuum too long, as this material gels quickly. Apply Universal™ Mold Release to mold surface prior to casting to ensure easy demold of fragile castings.

Curing - Important: Use this product with at least room size ventilation or in proximity to a forced outlet air vent and do not inhale/breath fumes. Fumes, which may be visible with a significant mass concentration, will quickly dissipate with adequate ventilation. Castings with significant mass may be hot to the touch and irritate skin immediately following cure. Let casting cool to room temperature before handling.

Pouring - Do not spill on skin. Pour material in the lowest spot of mold cavity and let material rise and seek its level.

Rotationally Casting - Pour material into mold and rotationally cast for 7 – 10 minutes. Estimating the amount of material you need to build 0.33 cm thickness on your rotationally cast piece may take some practice & experimentation.

Demold - After 90 minutes, plastic is cured enough to be removed from the mold. Plastic is very fragile, so be careful removing your casting from the mold. Applying Universal Mold Release™ to mold surface before casting should aid in removing the casting from your mold. The longer this material cures the more brittle it becomes, reaching full “brittleness” in 24 hours.

Creating a Glossy Surface - Applying a fine mist of denatured alcohol using a sprayer (such as the KWIKEE™ Sprayer) over the surface of a cast SMASH! Plastic™ piece will cause the surface to become glossy/shiny and enhance the glass-like appearance of a breakaway prop. Applying denatured alcohol will cause the surface to become temporarily sticky or tacky. Allow denatured alcohol to dry thoroughly until the surface of the casting is no longer tacky before using prop.

Temperature - When castings are exposed to temperatures above 26°C, they may soften and warp. Store castings at or below room temperature for 24 hours prior to use.

Usage - Inanimate Object: Let material cure for at least six hours prior to “smashing” against inanimate object (for example, on the floor, a wall, etc.).

Usage - On A Person: Before “smashing” a cast piece over someone’s head, make sure that the wall thickness in all directions is not more than 0.33 cm. Also, let the material cure for at least 16 hours at room temperature to become fully “brittle”.

Warning: Smashing a cast piece that is not fully cured or has a wall thickness greater than 1/8” – 0.33 cm against a body part may result in serious physical injury


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    Measuring cup 30ml + graduation

    0,19 EUR

  • Measuring cup /125ml

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    2,84 EUR

  • SO mixing cup /4880ml

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    3,35 EUR

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    plastic mixing beaker 1162 ml

    0,64 EUR

  • Mixing beaker round /500ml

    Mixing Beaker, Round, Polypropylene, 500 cc contents

    0,25 EUR

  • Mixing Bowl square /2000ml

    180x180 mm

    0,91 EUR

  • Flexible mixing cup /500ml

    Flexible mixing bowl for gypsum, alginate etc. 500 ml

    8,05 EUR


  • Flexible mixing cup /1750ml

    Flexible mixing bowl for gypsum, alginate etc. 1750 ml

    19,34 EUR

  • Injektionsspritze mit

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    5,76 EUR

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    3,42 EUR

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    61,38 EUR

  • Tristar KW2430 Scale

    Digitale keukenweegschaal. Weegt tot 2kg op 1 gram nauwkeurig. Exclusief batterij.

    20,21 EUR



  • flat brush 30mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    0,80 EUR

  • flat brush 40mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    0,92 EUR

  • flat brush 50mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

    1,39 EUR

  • flat brush 60mm

    flache Einwegbürsten

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  • houten polyesterkwast 35mm

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  • houten polyesterkwast 50mm

    wooden polyester brush 50mm flat

    3,46 EUR

  • Polyester kwast plat 75mm

    Polyester brush, Flat, 75 mm

    3,33 EUR

  • Pinsel 40mm, holz, blank

    Brush, flat, 40mm, wooden handle.

    2,84 EUR



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    3M safety glasses Classic

    15,19 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile M

    Glove Nitrile M

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile XL

    Glove Nitrile XL

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile L

    Glove Nitrile L

    11,01 EUR

  • Glove Nitrile S

    Glove Nitrile S

    11,01 EUR

  • 3M 06941 Halfgelaatmasker

    3M 06941 Halfgelaatmasker

    50,53 EUR

  • Paint spray mask Colad

    Easy to wear paint spray mask

  • Filter ABEK1 for 3M 6200 maskers

    Protection against chemicals vapors

    36,87 EUR

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    Stenchmask carbon fibre

    5,41 EUR



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  • Ease Release 400 aerosol /400gr

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    Removable aerosol release agent - silicone based - spraycan 400 gram

    15,80 EUR

Spray Releases

  • Safety Info Universal Mold Release

  • Univ.Mold Release aerosol /400gr

    Silicon based Universal release agent - aerosol, without ozone gas - spraycan 400 grams

    15,35 EUR

  • Kwikee Sprayer

    946 ml Pressure Sprayer

    167,44 EUR

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